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What can wake me up? Why is so hard to wake yourself up in the morning?

It’s an interesting question.

Waking up just an hour earlier than usual could reduce your risk of depression by 23%, according to a study out of the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

And each hour earlier that you wake up, the better the benefit, according to the study.

We know the benefit of waking up early, but we still lying on the bed.

Today we will tell you some things that wake you up. 

It won’t be hard if you know good ways.

16 Ways to Wake Yourself Up In the Morning

Laziness is the driving force behind human technological development. One more minute in bed is good. Especially in the cold winter, getting up is simply more difficult than hiking. How to get yourself awake in the morning? How do we wake up faster? Are there any good ways to wake up?

Here is some useful advice to wake you up.

setting an alarm clock

1. Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

How to Force Yourself to Get Up?

What will wake me up? I need to wake up tomorrow morning early!

How about setting an alarm clock? It is a simple and fast way how to force yourself awake.

To be honest, we all go to bed thinking about what time we’re going to wake up tomorrow. And one thing we remember, that’s why we set an alarm clock to wake yourself up.

How Can You Wake Up by Setting Up a Clock?

In fact, around that time our body clock has already woken us up, and our subconscious has already recovered. When the alarm clock rings, our subconscious will reach a very rapid transmission process, which makes us feel awake.

stretching exercises

2. Stretch Yourself

How to Get Up from Your Bed?

Once you turn off your alarm, the next question is how to wake your body up. You need doing stretches. Experts believe that stretching in the early morning is a natural human instinct and its health benefits are very important.

How Can You Wake Yourself Up by Stretching?

A short five-minute stretching exercises should start at the neck and gradually extend to the arms, shoulders, lower back, and lower legs to improve blood circulation. After doing these warm-up exercises, you’ll feel pretty great.

let the sunshine in

3. Open the Curtain, Let the Sunshine in

Congratulations! You have achieved a small success to wake yourself up. Now, We’ll continue to show you wake up gently. Then, the most important thing that you need to do is get out of your bed and walk to the window.

How to Wake Up Well Through the Sunshine?

Let the warm and bright sunshine in by opening the door or windows. The light will instantly clear your mind.

make bed

4. Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed

After enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine, remember to look back to your bed. It’s in a mess. What things wake you up right now? The answer is to move your whole body. Another benefit is that when you’re done making the bed sheets, you won’t want to mess it up again. These are good things that can wake you up.

drinking water

5. Drink Two Glasses of Water

At this time, you must be very thirsty. Drinking some water can make your dry throat get comfortable.

What to do after leaving your bed? To drink two glasses of water.

How to wake yourself up fast and clean your mind? To drink two glasses of water.

What's Good to Wake You Up Through Drinking Water?

There are many other benefits of drinking water, such as accelerating your metabolism, helping to cleanse your intestinal tract, helping to balance your nervous system, improving the health of your urinary tract, and so on.

wash face

6. Splash Your Face with Cold Water

How to Wake Up Early Feeling Refreshed?

Using cold water to wash your face is the best way if drinking water doesn’t work.

Splash your face with cold water. The cold water will stimulate your nerves and skin, and maybe you’ll get a chill, which immediately refreshes you. That’s a good way to wake yourself up in the morning.

brush teeth

7. Brush Your Teeth

What will wake me up in the morning after washing your face?

Yes, it’s to brush my teeth. Look at me in the mirror, such a pretty person! That’s a happy thing.

take a shower

8. Take a Shower

“There are so many things that will wake me up in the morning, the thing I like best is to take a shower to wake myself up.” 70% of Americans said that. If you go to bed late and get up early and can’t get enough sleep, our body will become exhausted. And this is the time to choose a morning bath that can get rid of this dilemma and improve the mental state.

Taking a shower in the evening is good as well. Bathing at night can relieve stress, after a busy day at work, bath before going to bed can improve their body blood circulation, ease whole day of tension. Sleeping early means you will get up early. So taking a bath at night is a good way.

eat breakfast

9. Enjoy a Delicious Breakfast

You need to eat things after doing those matters.

What can wake you up for food lovers?

It’s a great meal!

It’s great to put some bread in the toaster and take them out after a few minutes, smear a little strawberry jam on it, two flavorful bacon, don’t forget the delicious sausage. Now enjoy your wonderful breakfast!

have a cup of coffee

10. Have a Cup of Coffee

What wakes you up in the morning? There is no better thing than enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine is an alkaloid extracted from tea, coffee and cherries, used widely to eliminate fatigue. When you are sleepy, pour a cup of coffee, smell the fragrance of coffee beans, take a sip, you’ll be invigorated immediately. You can wake up fast. A beautiful day begins with a cup of delicious coffee.

try black chocolate

11. Try Black Chocolate

How Can I Wake Up in the Morning Faster by Eating?

Researchers at Northern Arizona University have found that eating dark chocolate and drinking coffee have similar effects. Taste black chocolate when you’re drinking coffee, which will increase the anti-sleepiness effect.

Experiments have shown that eating dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 60 percent or more can boost the mind and improve concentration. Keep in mind that it must be dark chocolate with high cocoa content.

essential oils

12. Try Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has been documented in the history of the oldest civilizations for over six thousand years. It was first practiced by the ancient Egyptians using a common maceration method to extract essential oils from aromatic plants and to massage them with aromatic oils after bathing.

How to Wake Yourself Up Quickly by Trying Aromatherapy?

The essential oils in the plants will stimulate your sense of smell and taste which compels you to get refreshed. 

Usage of the Aromatherapy

Use of incense diffusers – Use a sprayer to spray aromatic oils diluted with water, or you can use candles and essential oil lamp that can get the effect of relieving tension.

Massage – Pour a little aromatic oil on your hands and massage the hip bone area below the waist, the spine area, the abdomen, and the inner calves.

read a book

13. Read a Book

How to Wake Myself Up Except Drinking Coffee?

Reading a book is a good option.

How to Wake Yourself Up in the Morning by Reading?

Reading enriches your brain, improves your temperament, and gets your brain spinning.

go for a walk

14. Go for a Walk

How to Get Yourself to Wake Up in the Morning and Feel More Energetic?

It’s to do some exercises. To go for a walk is a good method.

If you have a dog, I’m sure you’ll be awake in no time.

Going for a walk after eating can effectively make the abdominal muscles contract, which can achieve the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis.

To develop a good walking habit is able to play a role in the exercise of the body, for the elderly, this activity is very suitable.

listen to the music

15. Listen to the Music

A strong external stimulus can wake up your cerebral cortex immediately. Listening to some fast-paced songs in the morning can wake yourself up instantly. Of course, you can listen to songs while walking in the park, which will be more fun.

do some meditation exercises

16. Do Some Meditation Exercises

How to Wake Up Even if You Are Tired in the Morning?

The answer is meditation.

Meditation is to focus on a certain point or idea consciously. When someone is in tension,the blood vessels constrict and focus on a single point, the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness will be replaced by tension, and soon you will find that the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness disappears.

There are some things to do to wake you up.

Now, you can quietly close your eyes and slow your breathing to enter a meditative state, or you can light a candle and start your meditation by gazing at the flickering flame.

Please refer to the following meditation steps.

  • Lie quietly on your back and count from 1 to 10, gradually, your subconscious is slowing down your breathing.
  • The picture of a beautiful silver beach appears in your mind, you are breathing the taste of the sea, the kind of a fresh and salty taste, listening to the sound of your distant leaves falling, the sun shines on the sea, the sea flooded with a strange silver light, sun on your skin, fine sand from your toes slipped, feel the tickle under your feet.
  • The seawater is a little bit cooler, the waves gently lap your feet, and your nervousness seems to disappear as the waves wash into the sea.
  • You tell yourself, “I am now completely relaxed, and my mind has found true peace.” And firmly believe that your mind has been completely washed by the waves to clarity and transparency. At this time, you will find that the color in the whole world becomes different from before, and your energy and spirituality are completely raised to a higher level.

12 Ways to Wake Yourself Up From Different Occasions

We shared methods to wake you up at home. And now you know lots of ways of “what’s the best way to wake up in the morning?” Most people can’t be at home all the time, so we’re going to share with you some ways when you are sleepy in different situations and occasions.


4 things that can wake you up if you’re driving.

  • After 3 hours of continuous driving, you are supposed to stop and rest for a moment, get out of the car for changing fresh air, stretch your body to clear the mind, and check the condition of the car.
  • Adjust your sitting posture when driving regularly, you can repeatedly switch between leaning on the seat and keeping your body leaning forward.
  • Keep chatting with the passengers in the car, and try to avoid driving alone for a long time when all the passengers in the car are sleeping.
  • Pay attention to opening the windows for ventilation, take some deep breaths, especially on the highway, the strong wind noise can keep your mind awake.

How to Wake Yourself Up at Work?

3 things that will wake you up at work.

  • To chase away sleepyheads, you may want to open your mouth a little wider when yawning, so that you can inhale more oxygen to keep your brain active.
  • The tip of the middle finger is the middle punch point, kneading this point can play a role in refreshing the brain. When kneading the middle finger, first use the left hand to knead the right-hand middle punch point for 1 minute, then use the right hand to knead the right-hand middle punch point for 1 minute.
  • When you are dizzy, use the tip of your finger to gently pat (tap) the head, is a good refreshing method.

How to Wake Yourself Up when Studying?

  • Having a cup of juice, sweet things can bring you happiness and wake up at the same time.
  • Put your phone down and talk with friends face to face. Just a little talk, not spending too much time on talking.
  • Take a nap during your lunch break.

How to Wake Yourself Up when Tired in Class?

  • Switch tasks to stimulate your mind. Stay learning is hard in class. You can take a short break at the end of class, such as going out of the classroom for a stroll, going out for a bathroom break, etc.
  • Whether you are standing or sitting, you should tuck your stomach and waist, relax your shoulders, and have a slight stretch in your neck.


How to Naturally Wake Yourself Up?

  • Get some sunshine
  • Hydrate, hydrate, moisten
  • Burnout
  • Work out a little
  • Place on your favored playlist
  • Drink a bubbly beverage
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Attempt aromatherapy
  • Repeat a concept
  • Select a fun disturbance
  • Pause from your screens
  • Meditate

How to Wake Yourself Up Early?

Developing a good habit of sleeping early.

How Do You Force Yourself to Wake Up?

  • Wake up one minute earlier every day
  • Motivate yourself by setting a small goal for yourself every day
  • Put a little pressure on yourself
  • Leave space for the curtains to let the sunlight in when you sleep
  • Give yourself a reason to wake up early
  • Record your daily early waking performance
  • Set yourself a morning mantra

How to Wake Yourself Up from Sleep?

Give yourself a big stimulation from outside.

Is It Possible to Command Yourself to Wake Up?

The answer is true.

How Can You Wake Someone Up Gently but Effectively?

A 2020 study Trusted Source that compared a common alarm clock tone to music sounds located that people preferred to be roused from their sleep by songs.

Wake-up lights
Just as you can configure an alarm to go off at a specific time, you can buy clever light bulbs that will slowly get brighter and brighter according to the moment you establish.

All-natural light
You can constantly count on all-natural light to get going in the morning if you do not desire to go state-of-the-art. Curtains can be translucent, or they can be blinded with very transparent blinds, which will help the first rays of the morning sun reach your face through the window.

When they sleep, several individuals keep their phones near their beds.

If you experience sleep disorders, you might wish to put your phone and also other technology away at night.

You can attempt texting them if you’re trying to wake someone up. People who are wired to react to a message, even when sleeping, might appreciate a “Good morning!” message from a liked one.

Mental excitement
For those who like mental stimulation, you need to give their brain a little stimulation in the morning. This may assist obtained their interest as well as snap them out of a drowsy state.

Some alarm system apps require you to solve a mathematics or puzzle trouble prior to you can shut off the alarm.

Stay with a schedule
Among the very best methods to constantly wake up on time is to develop a consistent rest timetable every day of the week.

What is the Healthiest Time to Wake Up?

Ideally, people should certainly go to sleep earlier and wake up in the morning hours. This pattern matches our biological propensities to adjust our sleep pattern keeping that of the sun. You may locate that you’re naturally sleepier after dusk.

What to Do When You Can't Sleep?

4 key elements for cultivating the relaxation response.

  • A quiet atmosphere. Silence does not need to suggest entirely quiet. Soothing noises or songs can be advantageous. Loud, unpleasant noises or sounds should be avoided.
  • A focus of attention. Expressions, concepts, breathing patterns, or mental images can be used to capture your interest and reduce your thinking about external problems.
  • Locating a comfy place to relax is vital. Naturally, when kicking back to drop asleep, the recommended placement exists in bed.
  • A great mattress will help you smell better and start your day with energy.

Which Is the Best Sleep Stage to Wake Up In?

Over even more cycles, the NREM phases obtain lighter, and the REM stages obtain longer. Ideally, the body will certainly pass-through four to 5 of these cycles each night. Waking up at the end of the cycle, when sleep is light, might be best to assist the person to wake feeling even more relaxed and also ready to start the day.

Is It Unhealthy to Wake Up a Different Time Everyday?

Hitting the snooze switch every early morning is simply a bad habit. Waking up every day at the very same time can break it, as well as having you on your method for sustaining health and wellness.

What Stage of Sleep is Most Important?

Deep sleep is the most important, but stages 1 to 4 and REM sleep are also essential. The average healthy and balanced grown-up gets approximately 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep per 8 hrs of nightly rest.

What Are the 5 Stages of Sleep in Psychology?

In general, each cycle relocates sequentially through each stage of sleep: wake, light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and also repeat.

What Stage of Sleep is the Hardest to Wake Someone?

If a person is in a deep sleep, it is very difficult to wake him up. Muscle mass pulse, tone, and also breathing price reduce in N3 sleep as the body unwinds even further. The brain activity during this duration has a recognizable pattern of what is referred to as delta waves.

What is the Optimal Sleep Cycle?

Preferably, you require four to six cycles of sleep every 24 hrs to feel fresh as well as the rest. Each cycle contains four individual phases: three that develop non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and also one rapid-eye-movement sleep (REM) rest.

What Should I Do to Wake Myself Up?

  • Get up and walk outside
  • Do some reflection exercises
  • Take a tinting break
  • Chat with your colleagues
  • Use a bottle of essential oil
  • Preference dark delicious chocolate
  • Get in a fast exercise

How Long Does It Take to Fully Wake Up?

It takes about 30mins.

How to Wake Up and Stay Up?

Splashing your face with cold water can help you wake up at once.

How to Wake Up Good in the Morning?

Start by setting an alarm clock.

After reading this article, we can be sure you’ve already known wake up naturally, what to do if you can’t get up fast in the morning.

Is it not so hard as you like, is it?

No hesitations! Try these natural ways to wake up right now! The beautiful life is going to happen for a little change that you will make!

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