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Sateen vs Percale Sheets, Which One is Better?

sateen vs percale

Sateen vs Percale – Two of the most popular bed sheet types compared. Good sheets can improve your sleep quality. If you’re a poor sleeper, there’s a good chance you’re not choosing the sheets that work best for you.

We will do some of comparisons to figure out the final answers that customers care about.

We will do some of comparisons to figure out the final answers that customers care about.

We will study the structure, performance, cons, and pros of Sateen vs Percale to help you choose the ideal bed sheet as a reference. For instance, weave features, the weight and length, comfort, breathability, and so on.

You will know the difference between them if you read this article.

What is the Difference Between Sateen and Percale?

Sateen sheets vs Percale sheets



Sateen refers to glossy bed linen or cotton material, woven as though it looks like satin.Percale is a carefully woven plain-weave material that has existed over centuries.


Shiny and has a soft touch and a silky feel.Has a matte coating and has a refreshing feel on the skin.


Sateen is a single – and three-yarns weaving.Percale is a single – and – one – yarns weaving.


Sateen sheets are moderately durable. However, pilling and snagging may limit their usability.Percale sheet soften after washing and get more comfortable with time.

Type of Sleepers

Perfect for cooler sleepers.Perfect for warmer sleepers.


Most sateen sheets are machine washable on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Many can also be dried in a machine using the no-heat, air-dry cycle.Percale sheet can typically be machine washed and dried. However, they’re prone to wrinkling, so owners may prefer to iron them for maximum crispness.


Sateen sheets start from $50 and reach up to $500.Percale sheets also start at less than $50 and reach over $500.
percale vs sateen

Which Is Softer Percale or Sateen?

Sateen vs Percale: Percale generates a somewhat airier and more light-weight material, while sateen is shinier and also smoother. Depending on what sort of sleeper you are, one might function better for you than the various others. You may additionally wish to switch points up relying on the season. Percale produces a matte completed with a crisp and also soft feeling that stands well for day-to-day usage.

Which Is Cooler Sateen or Percale?

Sateen vs Percale: Percale is cooler than Sateen sheets. Cool sheets make it ideal for use in summer. It allows the air to take a breath, so you definitely have the ability to keep a lower temperature. Sateen, on the other hand, retains heat extremely well. It is the best remedy for cold weather since it will certainly keep you relaxing as well as warm. Should I choose sateen vs percale? It depends on you.

What are Sateen Sheets?

In the early 19th century, it was often used instead of the term “satin” or “velvet”, the latter being simulated velvet and today it is used to explain a product with a satin weave and cotton cloth.


Sateen vs Percale: Features of Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets definition

It describes a weaving pattern characterized by three or more warp threads examining a weft. It’s valued for its smooth, silk-like feel and shiny luster. It can be as luxurious as satin but without the high price tag.

Are sateen sheets good?

Sateen sheet and also other bed linens things are normally made from cotton. Staple yarns used by manufacturers consist of fibers of length 2.5 or less that are densely woven, resulting in a high string substance.

Depending on the brand, satin products can be made from a blend of rayon cotton or nylon. The product wrinkles less than satin as well as might not require ironing. And also, it’s machine-washable as well as can be colored or bleached.

Is sateen breathable?

Sateen sheet are more tightly woven, which means they are less breathable.

Are sateen sheets cool?

Cotton sateen is made from cotton which is one of the most breathable fabrics, you can feel cool in summer.

Are sateen sheets soft?

Sateen sheet feel soft and shiny when new, while Egyptian cotton sheet soften with age.

Is sateen slippery?

Yes, sateen is soft and sometimes slippery based on what type of yarn is used.

Sateen vs Percale: Cons and Pros of Sateen Sheets


  • Smooth, soft, and breathable.
  • Drapes well.
  • Has a shiny surface.
  • Doesn’t always require ironing.
  • Wrinkles less than various other bed linen products.
  • Relatively very easy to tidy and maintain.
  • Tends to stand up to mildew.
  • Feels cozy and warm.
  • It can last three years or longer.


  • Pills as well as snags – It likewise often tends to pill and also grab because of its silky appearance. Numerous consumers who use sateen sheet have a difficult time keeping them in position at night. This issue may result in wrinkling.
  • Chemical surface – Some makers utilize chemicals to improve their shade as well as finish. Consequently, its luster may discolor in time.
  • Less breathable – Sateen is less breathable than cotton and also might increase sweating.

What are Percale Sheets?

Percale is a tightly woven plain weave fabric that has existed for hundreds of years. This weave usually refers to fabrics of ordinary weave; It is a direct method of weaving because the warp and weft threads cross each other again and again throughout the weaving process.


Sateen vs Percale: Features of Percale Sheets

Is percale good for sheets?

It is often utilized for bed sheets and also bed covers. Percale has a line count of about 200 or more. In addition, it is sturdy, smooth, has a matte surface, and also has a tool weight.

Are percale sheets soft?

The Percale feels smooth and crisp, completely dry compared to skin. It is long-lasting as well as doesn’t reduce in high quality after numerous cleans. This indicates it will not be a tablet in time. Percale is breathable and also can take care of a lot of heat. As a result, it’s a great alternative for warmer sleepers.

Various types of percale sheets

All the percale sheet use an amazing and also crisp feel. Although, there are variants in terms of breathability as well as price. There are three kinds of bed sheets.

Els or long staple cotton percale sheets
The longer the fiber, the better the quality. With ELS fibers, you can expect elastic, breathable, and smooth fabrics.

Organic-cotton percale sheets
Organic cotton Pearl cotton sheets are made from cotton grown on organic farms. The sheets are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

Combined cotton percale sheets
Blended pearl cotton bed sheet is made of cotton and bamboo, silk, man-made fiber, polyester and other materials.


Sateen vs Percale: Pros and Cons of Percale Sheets


  • Smooth Texture – The sheets have a sleek, luxurious feel thanks to the extra length of staple fibers. The sheets might be strong initially, however, they get softer with every clean.
  • Durable – The percale sheet has a tightly woven pattern that makes it strong and durable. We do not recommend using bleach for washing as it may reduce the life of the sheets.
  • Reduced Maintenance – You can easily clean them at your residence. Percale sheet comes in different kinds, as well as every type may have various demands.
  • Cost-effective – Use a wide range of choices, making them budget- friendly for lots. Queen size percale sheets can cost you between $90 to $500.


  • Wrinkle-prone – With 100 percent cotton are extremely wrinkle-prone. If you’re looking for wrinkle-resistant sheets, consider mixing cotton sheets with fibers like polyester, rayon, or silk.
  • Inappropriate for Cold Climate – Percale sheets are extremely breathable and also may not give insulation or sufficient warmth for chilly climates.

Now, you know what best cotton sheets are, what best percale sheets are, through a series of comparisons of cotton sateen vs cotton percale.
Should you choose sateen or cotton sheets? It’s up to you!
Follow the advice we offer you!
To get a new and beautiful sheet at once!


What Is Cotton Sateen?

Sateen – a term used to designate the type of fabric woven – has a softer, silky feel than simple or standard woven cotton sheets. However, while organza sheets may really feel softer, they don’t have the longevity of the regular fabric. When you’re buying sheets, look at the kind of cotton, string matter, the textile weave, as well as eventually, what feels best versus your skin.

What Are Sateen Sheets Like?

Satin describes the woven pattern rather than the material. This weave uses one thread at the bottom and three or four threads at the top. This gives it a heavier feel than some other fabrics, such as all-cotton, and sleepers may find this weight makes the sheets look particularly attractive.

What Are Sateen Sheets Made of?

Typically, sateen weave sheets are made from cotton threads by weaving 3 or four strings over one string.

What Is Sateen Finish on Sheets?

Sateen refers to a weave pattern instead of a product. A comparable weave is made use of to craft satin, though satin commonly utilizes silk or nylon. While the product plays an important role, sateen sheets are generally draped, wrinkle-resistant, and have a smooth finish with a slight shine.

What Are Percale Sheets Like?

Thanks to its ordinary weave, they are lightweight as well as airy. Considering that they’re typically made using 100% cotton, percale sheets are likewise ultra-breathable and also do not keep heat. Cotton is understood for its moisture-wicking abilities and breathability, maintaining you amazing and dry throughout the evening.

Do Sateen Sheets Wrinkle?

Not just does sateen have a lavish feeling, but it’s hassle-free, with no demand for ironing. The Sateen fabrics are naturally crease-resistant and drape strongly, so they are most commonly used in large sheets.

What Is Sateen Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton sateen is a delicate, desired piece of textile that delights you with its refined look. In easier terms, it is an Egyptian-produced extra-long-staple fabric used in deluxe bed linen. It shows off a shiny look and also a soft touch that makes it especially resilient.

Is Cotton Percale Breathable?

They are breathable, great, and crisp. The Percale weave gives a smooth feeling to the sheets, making them a preferred choice, yet it likewise has a few drawbacks.

Does Cotton Sateen Wrinkle?

For luxurious soft sheets, look no further than cotton gauze. Not just does sateen have an elegant feeling, yet it’s hassle-free, with no requirement for ironing. Sateen fabrics are naturally crease-resistant and drape well, so they are most often used on fine bed sheets.

Is Sateen Cotton Cool?

Yes, the sateen cotton sheets remain amazing in the summertime.

Do Hotels Use Percale or Sateen Sheets?

Basically, hotels utilize sheets that are extra durable, specifically percale. With tighter weaves, they attain resilience as well as an awesome crisp feeling. With Sateen, they can save time by getting rid of ironing (which is done by feeding the sheets with an ironing roller).

Should You Sleep on Sateen vs Percale Bed Sheets?

Sateen as well as percale sheets have possible advantages that might attract some sleepers as well as prospective downsides that might be an exit ramp for others. The Percale is light, crisp, and durable, while the Sateen is silky, large, and wrinkle-resistant.


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