Bed Sheets

How To Fold Bed Sheets

how to fold bed sheets

From living on a dime comm one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face in your life is how to fold bed sheets.

First Of All, Why Bother To Fold Your Sheets?

Let me show you a lot of us are short on storage in our closets and so by folding it you can double your storage space instantly.

If you have a king or a queen size you might want to fold it in force and you’re finished like any new thing you learn. Might feel awkward at first, don’t worry with a little bit of practice you’ll do just fine for more practical tips.Ready for a space-saving hack that will also keep each piece of your bedding set together in one place?

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet(that top sheet is a whole other story)—is like riding a bicycle: Both tasks can seem overly complicated at first, but once you’ve done them smoothly, they become second nature.

Yes, it’s true that folding a fitted sheet is deceptively tricky (While rolling it up into a messy ball is easier, it is not better.) but I’m about to make it nice and easy for you. In fact, I’ll show you the methods, and get you from crinkled heap to crisply-folded fitted sheet—no special tools needed.

Step1.Spread out on the bed first

fold a fitted sheet step1

Step2.Taking the horizontal dashed line as the intermediate line, the four points ABCD are pushed from the outside point C to the inside intersection A of CA and BA, and then from the outside point D to the inside intersection A of BD and AB.

fold a fitted sheet step2

Step3.Take the vertical dashed line as the axis, and convert one side of AC to BD.

fold a fitted sheet step3-1
fold a fitted sheet step3-2

Step4.Fold in half again

fold a fitted sheet step4-1
fold a fitted sheet step4-2

The Next Part Is To Fold The Flat Sheet.

Flat sheets are much easier to fold when comparing a fitted vs. flat sheet.

Step1.Hold the flat sheet in the top 2 corners, longways. Your arms might not be long enough to hold it taut, in which case you can ask someone for help, or you can place the sheet on the ground, so you can get it flat.

fold a flat sheet step1

Step2.Fold the sheet in half. You’ll want to fold it so that the adjacent corners match up and you’ll be folding it on the long sides. Smooth the surface once you’ve folded it to keep wrinkles from forming.

fold a flat sheet step2

Step3.Fold again. You’ll be folding along the first fold so that you end up with a long, narrow rectangle. Smooth gain.

fold a flat sheet step3

Step4.Make the final fold. You should really only have to fold your flat sheet 3 or 4 times, depending on the size of the sheet. This time you’ll fold the top down and line up the corners. You can fold it one more time, which will give you a more squarish folded sheet.

fold a flat sheet step4

Now that you’ve mastered the art of bedding-folding, Folding a bed sheet may not seem like a high-priority skill, but it can do a lot to keep your sheets neat and feeling refreshed. If you’re investing in only the best bed sheets, you’ll want those sheets to last as long as possible, and one step of proper care is putting sheets away neatly, in a place.

Properly folding sheets might not be new to some of you. But if you’re like me and never really took the time to learn (and you just ball them up and stuff them wherever they belong!), then I hope this article not only shows you how to do it but encourages you to take the time…every time…to fold your sheets up nicely! It’s incredibly gratifying, and really makes a huge difference!


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