Full vs Double Bed: What’s the Difference?

full vs double bed

What’s the difference between full vs double bed? You maybe feel very confused about these two sizes. How big is a double bed? Is full bed bigger than double? How big is a full bed? We will tell you the difference between a full and a double mattress today.

What is a Double Bed?

what is a double bed

The term “double bed” refers to a bed that can accommodate two people. They are normally 54 inches large and 75 inches long as well as are 16 inches much longer than a single bed.

What is a Full Bed?

A full bed is another term for a double bed. There is essentially no difference in between full vs double. It’s smaller than a king or queen size bed. It has the advantage of having the ability to suit a tiny area and also yet provides sufficient room for a grown-up to sprawl or share the bed with a pet.

what is a full bed

Now you can clearly know why these two bed sizes have different names through the explanation of full vs double bed.

Full vs Double Bed Sizes: What is the difference?

Is a double bed the same as a full? The answer is a yes. You may be thinking about why there are two different names of cushions that are 54 inches × 75 inches.

Nevertheless, there’s no other distinction when it concerns a full vs double bed.

Both names come from the relationship between the size of the mattress and the size of the bed. Here are some reasons of why mattress sizes get two names:

1.Before the queen and the king size gained popularity in the 1950s, double bed dimension or full beds were the bed mattress of selection for pairs. This was partly due to the lack of ready-made choices by the public at that time. Couples can choose to share a double bed or buy a pair of twin cushions.

2. Mattress producers began systematizing their sizes soon after the Civil War. In the late 19th century, people were restricted to only 2 cushions sizes: “single” (what we currently call twin) and “double”.

3. While the name “double” recommends that this bed mattress is twice as huge as a twin bed, it’s simply 16″ broader than a 38″ by 75″ twin dimension mattress.

” Full” or “double” mattresses are hence called since they can rest 2 individuals rather than one.

4.Until the 1950s, the size of full or double beds was the standard for pairs. At that time, manufacturers began to make basic king and small bed sizes longer to accommodate a large population.

Full vs Double Bed Mattresses Pros and Cons You Need to Know


1.It’s good for people who’re single. A double bed doesn’t provide too much room for an adult to toss, turn, and spread. On the other hand, a full-size mattress provides plenty of sleep for a bachelor – yes, even if you want to lie on your back like a sleepy starfish.

2.Because a full size memory foam bed mattress requires much less product to manufacture, it’s typically more economical than a queen and also economy size mattress.

3.Compatible with headboard and frame. Can a full size mattress fit a queen head board? Yes! Although there are differences in size when comparing full and queen, you can still use queen headboard or bed structure.


1.Smaller size. If you’re over six feet tall, you may find your head hitting the headboard or fretting about finding space under your feet. In this case, an queen cushion 80 inches long may be appropriate.

2.Size space to thrash. While several pairs discover full dimension beds comfortable, some favor even more resting area to ensure that they can turn without elbowing each other in the middle of the evening. Pairs that sleep with their pet dogs or their children could delight in having a 60″ queen mattress or a 76″ vast king mattress.

Double Bed vs Full Bed: Which is better?

Double beds and also full beds coincide dimension. When picking a mattress size, the complication in between the full dimension bed vs. The double bed is a famous one as well as can be deceiving. Full dimension bed mattress gauge the same as double beds as they coincide dimension with various names.

Other Standard Bed Sizes

A full or double size bed is wider than a twin and also twin XL, as well as narrower than a king, queen, and also California king. If the double or full size mattress does not suit your demands, take into consideration the other common bed mattress sizes available on the market.

other standard bed sizes

Twin Size Mattress

It is a small size, making it a great option for children’s areas. Twin beds are also fantastic for bunk beds, so you can maximize a small room.

Twin XL Size Mattress

Gauging 38 inches by 80 inches, the twin XL size cushion is typically made use of in children’s spaces, and occasionally in common adult bedrooms. The twin XL cushion is 5 inches much longer and also 16 inches narrower than the full dimension.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen mattresses are 6 inches larger and also 5 inches longer than full dimension beds. Queen dimension cushions are the most preferred among all bed mattress dimensions due to the fact that they can be made use of both by single sleepers as well as pairs.

King Size Mattress

A king size bed mattress are the best of all standard size cushions. King beds are 22 inches larger and also 5 inches longer than full dimension beds.

California King Size Mattress

California king size cushions are the longest of all basic size cushions. The cushion of the California king bed is 18 inches wider and 9 inches longer than the full-size bed.

If you want to know the right bed sheets size and duvet covers size for these mattresses, please read these two guides:


What's the Difference Between a Double Bed as well as Full Size Mattress?

Is Double Bedding Equal to a Full Size Bed?

Through the comparison of full vs double bed sizes, the full size is exactly the same as the double bed mattress, 54 inches by 75 inches. In fact, the terms “double bed” as well as “full dimension cushion”, are usually utilized interchangeably. If you refer to mattress sizes, both “double” as well as “full” are the exact same.

Is Double or Full Bed Bigger?

From the comparison of full vs double bed sizes, which one is bigger? Both terms describe a size of 54 inches × 75 inch cushion. The word “double” makes people think that double bed or full bed is twice the size of a twin / single cushion, which is not the case. A full cushion is 15 inches wider than a twin bed, but the same length.

How Big is a Double Bed vs. A Queen?

A full size mattress are 54 inches × 75 inches, while the procedure for queen mattresses is 60 inches × 80 inches.

Should I Get a Twin or a Full Bed?

Whether a twin or a full mattress is the far better selection for you relies on your resting preferences, bed room dimension, and also budget.

Is a Double Bed the Same as a Full?

Full and double are just 2 various names for the very same bed dimension. Due to hefty advertising in the 1960s, “double bed” became compatible with “full-size,” and hence the complication.

How Much Bigger Is a Double Than a Twin?

Double beds are 15″ broader than a twin, yet if 2 share the bed, each has only 27″ of individual space– a lot less than a double–from the comparison of full vs twin bed sizes.

Is a Twin XL the Same as a Full?

No, a full bed or a bed mattress is larger than a twin XL. If you are looking for a bed mattress larger than a twin bed, twin XL as well as full are two choices readily available to you.

Are Twin XL Sheets the Same as Full Sheets?

No. Twin XL fitted sheets are 39 inches × 80 inches, and flat sheets are 66 inches × 96 inches. Full size fitted sheets are 54 inches × 75 inches, and flat sheets are 81 inches × 96 inches.


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