Why Should You Change Bedding Frequently

change bedding

I have never understood why everyone buys so many clothes every year, but they are not very particular about the bedding. They think the bedding is not damaged and don’t need to change bedding. Some people will say that because the clothes are worn outside while the bedding is only used in the bedroom, I think everyone may overlook that the bedding is not just a sleeping tool.

The Bedding Has The Best Time To Use

the bedding has the best time to use

All bedding products, such as bed sheets,down comforters, and pillows, will experience functional aging after a period of regular use, such as fabric thinning, easy tearing, the color becoming darker and yellower, and loss of elasticity of the filling, hygroscopicity decreased, etc. At this time, you should change bedding.

For Health Reasons

for health reasons

Whether a pillow or a quilt, it is easy to breed mold and mites over time, and it can also cause respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma. For example, in the pillow cores of chemical fibers, the bacteria in the cores multiply very quickly, hiding millions of fungal spores. Since the quilt cannot be washed frequently, the dirt and bacteria deposited in it cannot be ignored.

Regulating Mental Emotions

regulating mental emotions

The harmony between the local decoration of the home environment and the overall style has a great influence on the physiological functions of the human body, and a reasonable deployment can make people happy. Usually, changing clothes or hairstyles can adjust emotions. In fact, changing bedding to a different style is also the key to a good adjustment of psychological emotions.

Make Your Home Life A New Look

make your home life a new look

There is no way to change the home decoration, but the home bedding can play a role in embellishing and regulating home life. If your bedroom always uses that one or two sets of bedding all year round, your life must be lack interest. Therefore, if you try to change the bedding frequently, you will find that the bedroom is also a diverse space.

Change Requirements In Different Seasons

change requirements in different seasons

Each kind of different bedding fabric and filler has the most suitable season, so indifferent seasons, choosing different fabrics will have a multiplier effect. For example, it is easy to sweat in summer, and bedding with good air permeability and good moisture absorption is required, such as pure cotton or linen; in winter, bedding with good thermal performance is required. In summer, the weather is humid and sultry. If bed sheets, quilts, and pillowcases have poor air permeability, they will easily sweat, which will result in poor sleep quality.

So, in summer, what needs to be considered is how to increase the air permeability. The replacement points of a comfortable bedroom in summer are placed on the sheets and pillow, and it is recommended to choose according to its material. In addition, summer bedding can choose cool colors, such as light green, light gray, royal blue, white, and other colors, which give people a fresh and cool feeling, while warm colors are suitable for winter.

Surprise For Special Days

Surprise For Special Days

Whenever there are festivals, anniversaries, etc., I start to think about how to make some surprises in ordinary life. With insight into life needs, you can discover the beauty of life in the ordinary. On these special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., giving warm bedding to your family or lover is not only a gift but also a kind of care and closeness.

The requirements for sleep quality and the enjoyment of private space make people pay more attention to bedding. Frequent change bedding can improve your sleeping environment and home atmosphere.


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