What Are The Sizes Of Sheets

what are the sizes of sheets

When shoppers first begin shopping for bedding, they are often amazed to see the variety of sizes of mattresses are available. They also are shocked to find out how drastically the size of the bedding can differ. It’s easy to be confused as to how to match the bedding and bed sheet sizes of the different dimensions of bed and mattress there are.

There are many things to take into consideration when buying sheets, like the colors and fabrics, but none is as important as determining the right size. This is why we’ve created a convenient bed sheet size guide so that you can know the proper sizes to fit your mattress. In the event that your mattress’s bigger than the standard size (perhaps your mattress is fitted with additional padding or you’re using a thick mattress pad or mattress topper) you might have to size up. Beware of the discomfort caused by fitted sheets that don’t connect to the edges of your mattress, and pick the ideal sheets to get a good night’s rest.

what are standard bed sheet sizes

What Are The Sizes Of Sheets? What Are Standard Bed Sheet Sizes?

The measurements of bedsheets can vary depending on the manufacturer, however, they are the most commonly used bed sheet dimensions.

Which Bedsheet Size Is Bigger?

Most mattresses are offered in standard sizes — twin, full, queen and king, twin is the smallest size and king is the biggest. Thus, making a bed linen purchase requires knowing the dimensions of the linens made for standard-size mattresses, such as king bed sheet size, so that you are able to purchase them that will fit.

After you have decided on the right size of your mattress, The following guide will assist you in choosing the most comfortable, comfy bedding to get a great night’s rest in Lifegreet

What Is The Bed Sheet Sizes In Inches?Commonly Used Bed Sheet Dimensions:

Twin Bed Sheet Sizes

twin size sheets dimensions

The smallest bed size is the twin. It is made to accommodate a single sleeper. Twin bedding is a perfect fit on 38 inches of width and 75 inches long mattress. Their flat sheet counterparts are usually 66 inches wide and 96 inches long. Based on the bedding’s material and brand measurements of the duvet and flat sheet can differ. If the sheets are wider and longer than the size of your mattress there shouldn’t be any problems.

Twin size mattresses and sheets are typically used by teenagers, children, and college dorms. Twin beds can also be suitable for adult people who have a limited amount of space. Some brands call twin sheets as singles, the twin bed’s traditional name.

Twin XL Bed Sheet Sizes

twin XL size sheets dimensions

Twin XLs are commonly found in dorms for college because they are suitable for almost every bedroom, can be compatible with bunk beds and can accommodate the taller students in college. Although they are referred to as twin, the mattress of a twin XL is far too long for a twin size fitted sheet.

That means that if you’re headed off to college, you’ll probably require a new set of twin XL fitted sheets. The fitted sheets are usually 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. Their flat sheet counterparts are usually 66 inches wide and 96 inches long.

Full/Double Bed Sheet Sizes

full size sheets dimensions

Full size mattress (double bed) and sheet sets are more spacious than twin size bed. Full size beds are good for solo sleepers who need more personal space.

A lot of apartment dwellers opt for the full size mattress (also known as a double) because it’s large enough to allow for a comfortable sleep and doesn’t take up the entire room. Full sized mattresses are also great for a guest bedroom. If you’re purchasing full size sheets, make sure the fitted sheets you purchase are of the correct size.

Full sized fitted sheets are generally approximately 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. The full size flat sheet measuring 81 inches by the 96 inches.

Queen Bed Sheet Sizes

queen size sheets dimensions

Queen size sheets are wide and long enough to fit queen-sized mattresses. Queen-sized mattresses can comfortably accommodate two persons and also those that are more than six feet tall. They’re also a great mattress size for adult solo sleepers.

Queen mattresses are the most common mattress size. Couples or people who enjoy having a little extra space will equip their rooms with a queen-sized mattress. If you’re planning to purchase queen sheets, it is important to know the dimensions they are available. Queen sized fitted sheets are usually around 60 in wide, and about 80 inches long. The queen size flat sheet measures around 90 inches wide and 102 inches long.

King Bed Sheet Sizes

king size sheets dimensions

King mattresses are the biggest bed size and are perfect for sleepers who are single as well as two adults or parents with a child. Due to their size, king size sheets as well as other bedding items (comforters, duvet covers, bed frames, and more) generally are more expensive.

The king mattress is 78 inches wide and 80 inches long.  It is ideal for snuggling with your significant other, pet, and little one. Fitted king sheets should fit snugly, meaning they’re about the identical dimensions. The flat sheets for kings tend to be slightly bigger, measuring approximately 102 inches wide and the length of 108 inches.

California King Bed Sheet Sizes

california king size sheets dimensions

A California king sheet set isn’t necessarily bigger than a king bed. However, it’s a different form. California king beds are four inches longer than king beds, so they will not use the same bed  sheets. This kind of bed is perfect for tall adults as well as anyone with narrow bedrooms.

The luxurious California king mattress is 72 inches wide and  84 inches long. A California king fitted sheet should be of the same size. The flat sheet could be identical to the king size, with 102 inches of width and the length of 108 inches.

Pillowcase Sizes and Dimensions

pillowcase sizes and dimensions

Different sizes of pillows are suitable to specific bed sizes in order to make sure there aren’t gaps between your mattress and your pillow. What size is a standard pillowcase?Pillowcases are roughly the same size as their pillow counterpart, give or take one or two inches, but they  are also several inches wider.

Let’s take a look at the approximate pillowcase sizes you can expect:

Standard: 20 inches by 32 inches

Queen: 20 inches by 30 inches

King: 20 by 36 inches

How Do I Know What Size Sheets To Buy?

We have taken you through the most common bed sheet sizes, next with how to take your bed’s measurements to get perfectly fitting sheets.

how do i know what size sheets to buy

Depth of Your Mattress

Before you purchase sheets, make sure you are aware of the depth that your mattress is. The thickness of your mattress is the thickness and the size the mattress has from the top to the bottom. While mattresses generally have the same width and height, they may vary ever so slightly. In addition, depending on the firmness and material within the mattress, the thicknesses may differ. This is crucial to be aware of when purchasing new sheets, since it may alter the fit of standard sheets. Mattress depth can be classified by the following methods:

Standard Mattress: 7 to 12 inches high

Deep Mattress: 13 to 17 inches high

Extra Deep Mattress: 18 to 25 inches high

depth of your mattress

How To Measure Your Mattress

If you’re uncertain about the exact dimensions of your mattress, or its thickness for getting sheets that match, working out the dimensions isn’t difficult. Here are a few easy steps to take into measuring your mattress and find the dimensions of it:

  • Strip your bed of all blankets, sheets, and pillows to ensure your measurements are accurate.
  • Using measuring tape, measure the length of your bed from the foot to the head of the mattress. Make sure to round up your measurements if necessary.
  • Then, measure the width by taking the measuring tape across your mattress from left to right. Complete this measurement at the center of the mattress to account for any fullness at the center.
  • Lastly, measure the mattress vertically to determine its thickness or height. If you use a mattress topper or the bed has a pillow top, include it in your measurements to ensure the sheets will cover it and the mattress adequately. Don’t include your box spring or foundation in this measurement, since it won’t be covered by your bed sheets.

When you’ve got the correct measurements, it is now time to select the appropriate size frames, sheets and foundations.

fitted sheet pocket depth

Choose The Fitted Sheet Pocket Depth

If you are trying to find a fitted sheet, be sure to consider the thickness of your mattress. The majority of fitted sheets fit on the regular mattress (7 to 12 inches thick). If your mattress is thicker than this, you’ll require more depth in the pocket of the sheet you’ve fitted to keep it from falling off of the mattress. Here are the corresponding pocket depths for your mattress’s thickness:

7 to 12-inch mattress: Standard pocket

13 to 17-inch mattress: Deep pocket

18 to 25-inch mattress: Extra-deep pocket

We advise getting a deeper pocket depth fitted sheet if you have an adjustable bed base to ensure the sheet stays on while the mattress is in different positions.

which bedsheet size is bigger

It is recommended that you buy the correct bed sheets for your mattress in order to stop your sheets from being too low or falling on the floor. Size up or down in the size of your bed sheets just spreads out the sheets and leaves you and your mattress exposed.

Bed sheets can have small size differences based on the manufacturer, so even if you’re buying queen sheets for your queen-sized bed, they might not be as perfect as you’d hoped. Therefore, before purchasing the sheets, measure your mattress, or check the label if it’s still affixed, and note down the measurements. While it’s acceptable to allow your flat sheet and comforter to be a few inches apart, your fitted sheet should match perfectly with your mattress so it won’t bunch or fall off.